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Wind and Hail Strom Damage

Storm Damage/Wind and Hail

Claims due to wind and hail damage are a specialty for T.E.S.. T.E.S. is a preferred contractor with most insurance companies and T.E.S will meet your adjuster to settle your claim from start to finish, with no worries in mind. T.E.S. will take care of your claim settlement so your claim reflects the amount of storm damage your home has suffered.

T.E.S. goes over every detail of your home to make sure all of your hail and storm damage is claimed on your insurance settlement. T.E.S. has the experience and knowledge to help and resolve overlooked or denied parts of your insurance claim. Upon completion T.E.S. will do a quality control walk on all repairs that were done at your home, prior to a final walk through with you to make sure you, the homeowner, are totally satisfied. T.E.S. Construction, Inc. is a local company that will be there for you from start to finish.